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Without Respect It’s An Oxymoron PIII

Apologize. We all make mistakes, but pride can make us stubborn idiots. There is also a perception that apologizing, admitting mistakes shows weakness. That’s bull because a person that is truly secure, has a healthy personality, will not see weakness in giving or receiving an apology, but rather will see it as a gift. It’s okay to say one is sorry if there was any disrespect shown, feelings were hurt. Be a mature person, be a person with heart, and if the other person lords it over you etc.., then they are the disaster, not you. It’s okay to be sorry, and truly sorry, express it. If you or the other person is having to constantly say sorry then something is not right. Either they have a toxic pattern of behavior and are highlighting or you are, but something with someone in the mix is not okay. Keep that in mind.

Be Proud. When a friend, partner, colleague achieves something be proud that they were able to expand beyond the basics and achieve something awesome. If you haven’t or if you have and the other person hasn’t, doesn’t celebrate it, well that means the one that is jealous etc… has loads of insecurities and underlying issues. In the Book of Ecclesiastes there is the poem that was even turned into a song, which has some sound advice. Everyone can have their moment if they focus, discipline etc…and do what their talents are born to do and if a person has to sabotage, or hate on another for having their moment, that’s sad, pathetic. If one’s moment has not come and it seems that it should have long ago, well there could be any number of reasons why it hasn’t. Rather than look to hate on, be jealous of etc…of the person who has achieved, why not see if there needs to be a course correction in one’s own life?

Declare Respect. Yes, actions speak louder than words, but words are also a good thing. It’s important to hear words of love and respect. Words matter, so let people know by words and actions that you care, you respect that they have achievements in life, big or small. Be vocal about how much you care, how much you respect others. I add a caveat to this, respecting people for the right reasons is important. Respecting someone who is a manipulative bully to win at all costs is not healthy. Respecting someone for impacting the community for the better, for great parenting and such is great. Let your voice be heard.

Remember relationships are like gardens that need nurturing.


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