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Coping and Inner Peace PII

Coping and coping in healthy ways is crucial when you have a crisis etc…What are some other healthy ways to process curve balls? As I said previously substances, violence and such are not healthy ways of coping.

Expressing emotions through a journal, the arts in a way that is not obsessive can be of great help. Maybe spending a few minutes in the morning and in the evening doing that, rather than holding it in so it then becomes an explosive time bomb can be very helpful. Exercising, again not in an obsessive way, for even 15 minutes a day to release anger, frustration etc..can make a difference. I sometimes find this helpful when there are delays or stuff that puts me in a financial crunch etc.., literally going into my bedroom with a large pillow and screaming, then praying. At home spa treatment with healing music can also be a way to clear your head. If you are going to do an at home spa soak and bath, please use common sense and make sure you do not take any meds prior that will make you sleepy. Spending time with positive people who will give you sound advice, positive and constructive feedback is also important, whereas being with juvenile, narcissistic and such people will be detrimental.

When we just sit and stew over things it can bring about unhealthy choices of dealing with it. Whether the pain is emotional or physical the one thing you don’t want to fall into is a perpetual cycle of a pity party and woe is me because like it or not life will have moments that are not happy, not pleasant, sometimes downright painful with a huge P. The choice becomes do I go into full on destructive and self destructive brat mode or do I process what is going on and actually come up with a plan, solution, a way forward, navigating that pain. One big lesson one learns when looking at the ocean and surfers, even experienced swimmers is that if you try to fight hard against the tide, it will take you down and you will drown. You ride the wave and come out on the other side. I hope that when a wave comes you use healthy techniques and tools to ride it and not let it take you over and drown you.


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