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Coping and Inner Peace Part One

Life has ups and downs, and some of those ups can be awesome, but some of those downs can be gut wrenching. How cope with that is key because just burying out hands in the sand does no one any good. Admitting there is something to cope about is the first step, recognizing that there is a problem gets the ball rolling. If one doesn’t cope and cope properly you end up being stunted emotionally. The Sussex duo is a good example of that, which is not a good them for them personally.

Some use food to cover up the hurt etc…, others drugs, alcohol, even shopping. Some shut down and refuse to even allow themselves to feel, while others allow anger to consume them and may even get violent with those trying to help them. These are unhealthy ways of coping. They might What are some healthy tools you can use to cope?

Self Talk is one thing that can help. Walking through the street and taking to yourself might cause some problems. However, if you silently talk to yourself when you are outside and getting anxious, and also when at home try to go before the mirror and give yourself a good talking to. Inspire yourself to move through any muck and mud that life is throwing at you. Believe it or not somewhere in your heart, spirit and soul is a strong person, but you need to find him or her.

Breath is also cleansing. There are breath techniques and simple breath directed relaxation meditations. You can even record yourself directing yourself to breath in and out, relax with each and every breath, feel the anxiety melt away. Once you are in a calm frame you can listed to a longer meditation. I have shared a number of them on here.

A Good book that inspires can lift your spirits and if it is about others who overcame obstacles it can definitely inspire you. Music is also a great tool. A song can help you release pent up feelings, so if you are finding it hard to cry though it would help, a song that helps you cry may be a good thing. A good song can also remind you that life does go on and can bring up some good feelings. I have a few songs I listen to if I feel I need to let out some tears, and if I want to find an uplifting source then I play Christmas and instrumental Christian hymns.

Exercise is a great tool when you feel your mind cluttered and need to get some energy going. It can just be some music on the radio and some simple dance moves or even just doing some simple Tai Chi exercises. I like cool weather, so when the weather starts to cool off I like to take a walk, with that cool crisp breeze.

Namaste until next time.

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