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Beauty of Incense

One thing I do periodically is to burn incense in each room of my home as I have sacred music playing in the background. If you want to cleanse the home etc…incense is a good way to do it in conjunction with prayer. What incense should you use for what purpose? Good question.

Cinnamon for example is associated with success, abundance and so if you are in a financially tight situation you can burn incense and say a prayer for abundance, success and always ask that it be with a pure heart, meditate on that success, abundance with a pure heart.

Jasmine is the incense to use if you are looking to shift your health, and have guiding dreams. Sometimes we are not in a place where we feel okay and may need guidance, allow the Holy Spirit to guide us through our subconscious, our dreams. Burning Jasmine, combining it with Jasmine oil infuser as you meditate on clarity before going to bed, with some positive meditation music. I like to play Christian instrumental peaceful hymns.

What if you are looking for spiritual protection and purification, which we could all use at any given time in our lives? Then you can burn Sandalwood or Frankincense, and use oil in conjunction along with spiritual protection music. There are times when life seems to throw negativity our way and even negative, toxic people, so meditation on protection and purification with prayer, right music can help create a spiritual shield.

What if are feeling blue, a bit lonely? Then Rose and Vanilla are great options. We all have times when we feel a bit blue about stuff, a bit lonely, so burning Rose and Vanilla are a great way to dispel the blues. Some slightly upbeat, not agitating music along with it, relaxation, shifts the mood.

What if you just want to relax? In that case Lavender. Lavender is a great companion for meditation. I like to burn the incense, put a dab of oil on my wrists and my forehead, put on some soft classical or meditation music and let all the tensions melt away. Today’s world is full of stress, and so we can all use relaxation time to just let all that melt away. Lavender is a great partner in that.

Whatever you are looking to bring into your life or eliminate from your life, there is an incense for you to partner with.

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